Cristhian, Best Local Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent in Hagerstown MD, I understand how Important selling your property is. When you are looking for an agent in the Hagerstown area, make sure you ask these three important questions:

What is the current market value of my property?

What is your marketing strategy that will lead to the sale of my property

How long will it take for my property to sell?

The real estate sales process can be a great learning experience! with the right agent. I have summarized for you; the most important steps of the real estate sales process from the point of view of a realtor like myself:

  1. Preparing a CMA, Comparative marketing analysis

    1. A CMA is an evaluation of similar, recently sold homes (Comparables) that are near your Property. A CMA provides you with your property’s current market value.
  2. Providing an explanation of the CMA results.

    1. Depending on the CMA results, we will determine the listing price.
  3. Listing your property and executing the marketing strategy

    1. Marketing is one of the most important steps in selling your home. I highly suggest you go for an agent that understand all marketing mediums, especially online marketing.
    2. There are 83.1 million millennials (age 20-35) in the US, equaling one-quarter of the US population. Millennials are known for the high usage of mobile devices and online social media. It is highly important to work with a realtor that understands online marketing strategies.
  4. Communicating & negotiating all offers received.

    1. Helping you understand the contingencies and conditions of all offers.
    2. Creating and negotiating a suitable counter-offer if necessary.
  5. Facilitating the paperwork required to close the sale.

    1. Always keeping you updated on the title work and closing details

Reasons why you should work with me when selling your home in Hagerstown MD:

-Market Knowledge: Specialized in the Hagerstown area and can create an accurate CMA for you.

-Commitment: Highly passionate about education & Real estate

-Online Marketer: tech-savvy agent who understands social media marketing

-Work Ethic: I cold-call, door knock & Network greatly for all my clients


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